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Daniel and Ian have created a series of short courses for people who want to learn more about writing and communicating.

We can teach you how to tell a good story, how to write a speech that grabs people’s attention or how to make a presentation that hits home.

If you are a manager, we can teach your staff how to craft emails, reports and presentations that meet your needs – and reduce the time you spend taking in what they want to say.

Why are our courses good? Our experience.

We know how to develop the ideas and create the words that produce compelling stories.
And we are happy to pass along our knowledge to you.

We can customize any course to meet your needs.

Sample courses

This course is available in both full- and half-day models and teaches how to craft speeches for maximum impact. The course includes practical exercises.

Think Clearly, Write Clearly
This course resurrects the lost art of thinking. It teaches techniques for identifying main issues and messages, and for generating new ideas and organizing them into logical story lines.

This course explores the basic building blocks of a good story, and gives the tools and techniques for crafting compelling stories – be they simple news releases or complex concepts.

To the Point
Managers sometimes get bogged down going through emails, PowerPoints or presentations from staff. This course is aimed at business and teaches people how to structure their messages so their managers get what they need quickly and clearly.

Contact us for a detailed syllabus, or to learn how we can customize a course for you.

Ian teaching MBA students

Ian teaching MBA students

Daniel has trained people both at home and abroad

Daniel has trained people both at home and abroad